Wed, March 1, 2017

An Evergreen man reported that his ex-girlfriend had moved out of his house and that she was going to pick up the rest of her stuff the following day. The man said he didn’t want her in the house again and asked if it was cool if he just left her stuff in the front yard.

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Mon, February 27, 2017

A 4-year-old from Lakeside called up 911 and chatted up the dispatcher for a few minutes. The “talkative” toddler said that his mom recently pulled a baby out of her belly and that his dad was planning on showing him an excavator soon. He also said that his dad was about to “puke.” After a few minutes, the young lad put his dad on the line. The father said everything was fine.

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Tue, February 7, 2017

A Whitefish resident called to report that while he was at work, his landlord fixed his door that day and apparently stole some change in the process. But the bigger problem was that the bathroom door inside the apartment was shut and locked. The caller said he was concerned that someone was in the bathroom, even though he couldn’t hear anyone in there. Despite the lack of evidence, the caller was ready to “take them down” utilizing a can of pepper spray and a saw. The caller was advised to leave the house and let police take care of the issue. The man then waited outside, still wielding the pepper spray and saw, for police who checked the apartment and found no one inside.

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