Whitefish Businessman: Please Return Stolen Sign

By Beacon Staff

Bill Milner of Whitefish Real Estate, Inc. wrote today with a simple message for whoever stole his business sign in downtown Whitefish: “I want it back.” From his email to the Beacon:

Whoever took my sign had to go to some work to get it. A ladder and tools would be required.

The value of this sign would classify this a felony.

I want it back. It’s hard enough to make a living right now. Loss of a sign that I use to help people sell their homes hurts me and those who use my services. There are clients that are in fear of foreclosure that are selling their home so as not to lose everything. That sign may just be the tool that will help them. Now it’s gone.

Milner is offering a reward for the sign’s return or for information that leads to it – no questions asked. Whitefish Real Estate can be reached at 406-862-2021. Milner also suggested someone could “bring the ‘borrowed’ sign to any public location (gas station,etc.) and say you found it in the road.”

Here’s a picture of the stolen sign: