The Age Old Question

By Beacon Staff

One of my girlfriends came to me the other day and asked me, Aliza, how old is too old to shop in the juniors section? I told her that it was a great question that I could make complicated, but won’t, and with that said after 35 you would be pushing it. Please hear me out, I am not saying you should go shopping in the juniors section until you are 35, no, what I am saying is up to that age there may be some pieces you could wear that are suitable for your age and that fit properly. That excludes belly shirts and mini skirts, which is out of the question unless your legs look like Giselle’s. So if you are having trouble finding your way out of the juniors section, here are some of my favorite looks for the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s somethings that may direct your look in a more sophisticated way!