Update: A Polaroid Group Show

By Beacon Staff

Per my request from a previous blog (here), I received an official press release from Andrea Cusick over at Urban Outfitters announcing their partnership with the Impossible Project.

We are excited to announce that Urban Outfitters has partnered with The Impossible Project to support their mission to restart and reinvent instant film photography. When Polaroid ended production of Instant Film in 2008, The Impossible Project bought all the machinery and equipment at Polaroid’s Dutch factory where the instant films were made. We will help them bring back instant film in 2010.

Urban Outfitters will sell a limited edition of 700 hand-numbered deadstock Polaroid camera kits which will include one pack of deadstock Polaroid Instant Film, the Polaroid ONE600 Classic. Along with the kits, Urban Outfitters is offering additional original Polaroid Type 779 Instant Film. The film will retail at $24 per pack and camera kits at $180 each.

The product launch is scheduled for August 21, 2009 in Los Angeles, New York and London. The kits and film will be available online August 28.

For those in the Los Angeles area (or if you’re a Polaroid fanatic and want to take a road trip) stop in at Gallery Space at Space `5 Twenty in Los Angeles for a month-long group show of Polaroid photography titled Everything is Possible: A Polaroid Group Show.
Click here for the full press release for more detailed information.

I have never really photographed with Polaroid instant film as a professional although I have distinct memories of blasting through packets of the stuff as a kid. I was always told that the film was too expensive to be shooting through without thought, giving it a kind of “every picture has to count” sort of feel to it. My friend Kendrick Brinson, who is a very talented photographer, has kept the Polaroid cool alive and I have loved checking out how creative she gets with her ideas. You can see them here.

So it got me thinking. I would love to see Polaroid images from around the Flathead. If you have an old drawer of Polaroids, or new images shot, and can e-mail me a couple – I know they will have to be scanned in or feel free to take a picture of the picture but make it as high quality as you can – with your name and what the pictures are of. When I get enough (at least 10 but hopefully more) I’ll put together a slide show for the blog. The success of this is up to you but I think this would be fun to share.