Over Exposure

By Beacon Staff

As much as you feel sexy in your undergarments, you should not be exposing them to the public. The other day I saw a middle-aged woman wearing a smocked tube top dress with her bra showing. Just because the bra and dress were the same color does not make that OK. Wearing your bra as an accessory or clearly visible to the public is unattractive. It is called an undergarment for a reason. There are plenty of bra styles out there that fit the appropriate top.

The most versatile bra to own is the convertible bra. The straps are removable and can be worn with with practically everything. It works great for strapless tops, gowns, and asymmetrical tops like one shoulder dresses. You can find this bra at pretty much any store with a selection from the inexpensive version like Jockey to Victoria’s Secret that could be worn 100 different ways.

Wearing the right size bra is just as important as the bra itself. If you have never been measured do yourself a favor and go. You will not believe the difference of the way your clothes look and especially the way you feel when wearing your proper size. It’s like you’re a whole new woman with a whole new set of values!

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