Attorney Picks Up American Police Force Mercedes SUVs

By Beacon Staff

BILLINGS – The last two Mercedes SUVs brought to Hardin by American Police Force have been taken back by the company’s former attorney.

Becky Shay, APF spokeswoman, says she gave the keys to Maziar Mafi on Tuesday.

Earlier this month, Mafi removed himself from involvement in APF’s efforts to take over management of the Two Rivers Detention Facility, which has been sitting empty since 2007.

Shay says Mafi was the guarantor on the vehicles’ purchase.

The SUVs caused a stir in Hardin on Sept. 23 when Michael Hilton, the public face of the California-based APF, rolled into town with three of them sporting decals that said “City of Hardin Police Department,” and the APF logo. The city does not have a police department.