Journal for the Health of It

By Beacon Staff

I kept a journal when I was in middle school (it wasn’t a diary, because I was entirely too cool for that). All of my early teenage years were documented in those pages and looking back now, it was pretty embarrassing. However, there was a certain catharsis in writing my frustrations, fears and secrets down. Even though a vast majority of my problems seem silly or petty now, they were a big deal then, and it felt good to express myself. Apparently, even though I had no idea, it was also healthy.

So says Ina Albert, a writer and health care communications coach and consultant, who will be putting on a workshop called “Journal For The Health Of It!” on Tuesday, Nov. 17 n the Cornerstone Room on North Valley Hospital’s campus. The event starts at 7 p.m. and will last for two hours.

Ina briefly explained her pro-journal stance in a press release:

“Expressing yourself through writing can re-shape, re-mold and re-cast traumatic experiences, significantly improving the healing process,” says healthcare communications expert and co-author Ina Albert, of her book Write Your Self Well…Journal Your Self to Health.

“Every unresolved issue begs, borrows or steals the energy we need for our own healing,” says Albert, “so when you write about what you feel, you feel better.”

For further information about the November 17th presentation, contact Naomi Morrison at North Valley Hospital at 863-3632.