By Beacon Staff

We’re high on Teletech and low on Sen. Harry Reid in our weekly index of what’s up, down and in between …

TELETECH – Two job fairs are planned for this week to hire 100 customer service representatives – a much-needed opportunity for the local workforce.
GRIZ – In one of the most amazing comebacks in Montana football history, the Griz bounce back to defeat South Dakota State 61-48, and their season continues …
MEDICAL MARIJUANA – With a dispensary now open in Missoula and the Whitefish City Council grappling with how to zone for one there, the controversial treatment is making inroads in Western Montana.
STATE VEHICLES – A 2007 bill directing the state motor fleet to exceed 30 miles per gallon in fuel efficiency by 2010 is on track to exceed that goal.

HOLIDAY SHOPPING – The cash registers were ringing as consumers thronged stores over Thanksgiving weekend. Major retailers reported an increase over last year, but shoppers also indicated they planned on spending less or buying only bargain items – making it unclear how much of an economic boost this season will provide.

SECRET SERVICE – After two reality-TV-addled interlopers crashed the president’s first state dinner by passing through a checkpoint, security at the White House is under deep scrutiny and agents’ heads are sure to roll.
POACHERS – Wildlife officials believe poachers are to blame for a string of moose and elk deaths in the Missoula area, raising questions as to just what the heck is going on with the high rate of illegal animal killings this year.
HARRY REID – As debate opens on the health care bill, the Senate majority leader faces an extraordinarily tough road to gain 60 votes in favor of the measure as he seeks to hold together a fraying coalition that managed to get the legislation this far.
SERENA WILLIAMS – The pro gets hit with a $175,000-fine and two years of probation for a profanity-laced tirade against a line judge at the U.S. Open in September, underscoring yet another difference between tennis and ice hockey.

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