Great Falls Mulls Options to Regulate Medical Marijuana

By Beacon Staff

GREAT FALLS – City planners have come up with three options for regulating medical marijuana in Great Falls, including one that would ban such businesses within city limits.

The planners gave the proposals to city commissioners and the zoning department Monday.

The first option would ban medical marijuana dispensaries in the city on the grounds that they violate federal law.

Planners also say the city could extend a 90-day moratorium for up to one year to give officials more time to study the issues, or pass an ordinance that would allow businesses to grow marijuana only in industrial zones.

Under the last option, dispensaries would be prohibited within 300 feet of schools, day care centers, parks, churches, recreation centers and government buildings. The ordinance would not interfere with patients growing and using their own marijuana at home.

The planning board and the zoning commission will discuss the topic at an April 13 hearing.