Thursday: 3rd Beating Death Suspect, Gas Prices, Sun Pics

By Beacon Staff

Good morning; on the Beacon today, Kalispell police have arrested a third man who may be connected to last week’s drug-related beating death of a 49-year-old medical marijuana patient. Last week, 22-year-old Ann Piersall set out for the secluded Jetim-Bel mountain range in southeastern Kyrgyzstan, leaving behind the country’s riot-stricken capital, where violent clashes had left dozens dead and forced the president to flee the city. Ron Doore, owner and president of Sun Roads Farmory, began selling self-contained hydroponic growing chambers last year that produce mats of sprouted grains and legumes used for livestock fodder. The Montana Highway Patrol says a Polson man was killed when his pickup truck rolled over his chest while he was under the truck working on the parking brake of a fifth wheel trailer. And Wild Bill Schneider designates Nevada Democrat and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid “public lands enemy number one.”

Drivers beware: Gas prices may be heading up this summer, thanks largely to signs that the economy is strengthening. The state Department of Natural Resources and Conservation said Wednesday it would consider leasing almost 27,000 acres of school trust land in northcentral Montana to private developers interested in using the property as part of larger commercial wind farms. After a long romance with foreign rivals, America’s love affair with the automobile is returning to its roots with a revived affection for U.S.-made cars. A historical symposium on Glacier Park kicks off this weekend at Flathead Valley Community College as part of its centennial celebration. Jim Martin, Colorado’s natural resources chief, has been appointed the new regional administrator for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Researchers at MSU studied incredible new images of the sun sent back from the $856-million Solar Dynamics Observatory. Montana is leading a 16-state effort to save small farmers and ranchers by urging the federal government to use antitrust weapons and enlist the states’ help to fight increasing consolidation in agriculture.