Hiker Falls 120 Feet, Escapes with Minor Injuries

By Beacon Staff

A hiker had to be rescued by helicopter after falling about 120 feet on Kakashe Mountain near Mission Falls.

Evan Kreps of Lakeside tumbled over rocks in 15-foot increments before a final fall estimated at 40 feet on Saturday afternoon.

Kalispell resident Tyler Schaefer says he heard ghastly screams ahead of him, and then saw his friend fall. The 22-year-old Schaefer stabilized his friend, called Kreps’ parents and then 911.

It took more than seven hours for rescuers to find them. Schaefer started a fire and lit Roman candles to help guide them.

The rescuers set up a camp for the night, then cleared trees Sunday morning so that a helicopter could take the 21-year-old Kreps to a Ronan hospital.

He was released after being treated for gashes in his leg, head and forearm.