At War with ISIS?

Same Topic, Opposing Views

By Tim Baldwin & Joe Carbonari

By Tim Baldwin

Josh Earnest of the White House said America is “at war” with ISIS. Most Republicans laud this, but now Democrats are jumping on board. This war hunger should concern us considering America’s foreign policy has, in all probability, contributed to creating foreign hatred towards us.

Obama campaigned on the idea that the U.S. should not engage in needless and unconstitutional wars. He promised to bring American troops home, and the majority of Americans agreed with him. Now, President Obama appears to be taking the same approach to ISIS as Bush did to al Qaeda.

Even Sen. Rand Paul has jumped on the war bandwagon – his justification being, ISIS declared war on us by killing a few American journalists; but give Paul credit, he clarified that war needs to be declared by Congress according to the Constitution.

Still, compare ISIS’ “act of war” to the U.S. killing thousands of innocent people in their countries using drones. Also an act of war? Breitbart journalist Jason Scheurer notes, “The U.S. has incinerated innocent women and children … who pose no risk to our country … The irony of this war [on terror] is … we are creating a new crop of jihadists…”

Considering the “war on terror” increases with both Republican and Democrat presidents and has for decades, perhaps Americans should strongly reconsider our foreign policy.


By Joe Carbonari

The ultra-radical, Sunni Islamists who have established their Islamic State must be stopped, neutralized and disbanded. They number in the low 10,000s. Many may well end up dead. Some of “us” will, too. Who, how, and how many are the important questions.

The line of thinking, that is the mental thread and consequent actions, of ISIS and its supporters cannot be accepted in a civilized society. We must say: You cannot kill people just because you are convinced that your god wants you too. This is unacceptable, it will not be tolerated.

The Sunni Moslem society itself will have to bring to an end the acceptability of this line of thought. We outsiders can help stabilize the situation and establish order, temporarily, but in the end they must do it themselves. It will take time.

The mind change will be hastened if we set a good example. As we fight, we must minimize “collateral” damage, both physically and psychologically. Our character, as a nation, will be revealed. We must be swift, firm, and resolute.

Our air power generally, and our drones specifically, give us a long and powerful reach, with little personal risk. We must use our power carefully, selectively. Killing from afar, impersonally, has moral risks. We must limit the damage, stay the “good guys” … and be seen so, as well.

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