Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Make Women Register for Draft

Ryan Zinke of Montana one of two lawmakers proposing bill

By Dillon Tabish

WASHINGTON — Two Republican congressmen who are military veterans have introduced a bill requiring women to register for the draft.

Reps. Duncan Hunter of California and Ryan Zinke of Montana announced Thursday that the legislation is aimed at provoking a fuller discussion of the Pentagon’s decision to open all combat jobs to women.

Hunter and Zinke say the decision ignores research from the Marine Corps and special operations forces. They also say the decision was made without considering whether women should be drafted and potentially serve on the front lines.

Hunter says it’s unfortunate the Draft America’s Daughters Act had to be introduced and he might even vote against his own bill.

Hunter served in the Marine Corps with tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Zinke is a former Navy SEAL.

Zinke said in a statement, “I know women play an invaluable role in war. My daughter was a damn good Navy Diver. Many times women can gain access to strategic sites that men never could. However, this administration’s plan to force all front-line combat positions and Special Forces to integrate women into their units is reckless and dangerous. The decision was made by the administration against the advice of the U.S. Marine Corps and Special Forces. The natural conclusion of that policy is that this opens young women up to the draft. This is a very important issue that touches the heart of American family, and I believe we need to have an open and honest discussion about it.”