Grizzly captured near Swan Lake

By Beacon Staff

A 2-1/2 year old male grizzly was captured near Swan Lake Friday night.
Grizzly bear management specialist Tim Manley captured the bear and left the young grizzly in the trap overnight to attempt to draw in its sibling. The two young grizzlies were reported to have killed chickens and geese at a Swan Lake residence, according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. The second bear was not captured.

Manley put a radio collar on the captured grizzly and released it at the residence. After releasing the bear, Manley hazed the bear in an effort to prevent it from returning, FWP said. Manley will work with the landowner to install electric fencing on the site.

According to FWP wildlife manager Jim Williams, keeping free ranging chickens and geese in the forested areas of northwest Montana will attract bears and lions. If you live in the woods and keep chickens or waterfowl, they should be kept in a secure enclosure with electric fencing, he said.

Manley said another grizzly was recently captured in the Middle Fork of the Flathead River drainage near Snowslip. Erik Wenum released the 3-year old male in the Puzzle Creek drainage. The bear had been feeding on green grass at residences in a subdivision.