Schools Depend on Us

We can all help to get through this surge of cases without having to close schools, lose teachers, and stress our healthcare community to the breaking point

By Katie Sako
Facing Main

What’s at Stake

It’s a particularly fertile time for fringe ideas to take hold, when public distrust of the government is high

By Maggie Doherty
Guest Column

Celebrate Our Libraries

We have a Board that is divided with three members voting together to undermine public services which our community has enjoyed for a long time

By Friends of ImagineIF Libraries Officers

Biden’s Anti-American Actions

The most lawless of Biden’s actions has been his refusal to enforce our immigration laws and to protect the sovereignty of the country

By Fred Smith

New Montana Forcing Out the Old

The basic problem is people moving here to build their private new dream homes on unspoiled land destroys the very thing they were looking for

By Chris Zarcone
Reality Check

Lessons Unlearned

Whitefish is enormously lucky to have an attorney of Angela Jacobs’ talents and intelligence. So when the Whitefish City Council chooses to ignore her advice, Whitefish taxpayers should be concerned.

By Tammi Fisher
Reporter's Notebook

Unsung Heroes

Like Zen masters tending a rock garden, the Flathead Valley’s dedicated fleet of groomers possesses a rarefied skillset that is equal parts artisanal and artistic

By Tristan Scott

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