Purveyors of the Big Lie

True patriots want to strengthen our democracy, not create problems that don’t exist

By David R. James

The Voting Game 

Look for your candidate in the Republican Party and all will be well

By Ed Dramer

Now the Real Work Begins

I am honored to have been chosen to represent Montana House District 7 and grateful to so many who supported my candidacy

By Courtenay Sprunger

We Were Lucky to Have Sean at the Library

Imagine trying to maintain civil and professional discourse with the very people who have shown time and again their intent to alter and degrade the institution you have helped build

By Jared Sibbitt

The Snowball Effect

We have technology today to largely stop emitting climate pollution

By Robin Paone 

The Homeless Problem 

I want to play with my grandsons in the park and not be embarrassed by what they might see

By Chuck Schedel

What’s Looking Up? 

Unemployment has dropped to a 50-year low rate, and Montana’s is under 3%

By Stephanie Brancati

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