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Warm Quinoa and Feta Salad
Twice as Tasty

Warm Quinoa and Feta Salad

For the first salad of spring, sprinkle handfuls of homegrown baby greens and chives amid robust grains and store-bought fruit

By Julie Laing
Twice as Tasty

Berry Chocolate Muffins

Turn a bag of last summer’s huckleberries that sank deep into the freezer into freshly baked muffins

Twice as Tasty

Golden Baked Custard

Once you’re comfortable making baked custard, you’re just a topping away from crème brûlée or flan


In Whitefish, Justin Barry Has Designs to Stop Waste

Justin Barry believes he can play a role in protecting the environment by repurposing the gear, clothing and equipment that is so regularly cast aside and sent to the trash in this corner of Montana


Emma Stone Won, but Lily Gladstone Didn’t Lose

Gladstone, born in Montana and raised in the Blackfeet Nation, was the first Indigenous performer to win that award, for best actress in a drama – just one of the many “firsts” that she achieved leading up to the Oscars