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Twice as Tasty

Huckleberry and Cheese Crepes

The first whispers of “hucks” started a couple of weeks ago, with small patches reported at lower elevations. As the season progresses, ripening moves faster and higher, until the last look could become a near-ridgeline search for the little flavor bombs.

Twice as Tasty

Veggie Shish Kebabs with Garlicy Marinade

As I kid, I’d toast over a campfire just about anything I could spear on a stick. Perhaps that’s why I’m still drawn to skewers. But they’re practical, too.

Twice as Tasty

Sour Cream and Cherry Scones

When the first few cherries ripen, I’ll harvest and pit enough to fill a cup and then bake scones just before bed, when the temperature has cooled and I can stand to heat the oven

Twice as Tasty

Rhubarb-Rosemary Sorbet

A heavy-duty immersion blender handles the blending work, and an ounce of alcohol in the mix makes the ice crystals smaller and easier to smooth out

Twice as Tasty

Garlic Scape Aioli

Tender scapes can be sliced onto salads or into stir-fry, minced for pesto or savory jam and even pickled

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