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Twice as Tasty

Gearing Up to Preserve

I do so much pickling that I buy 5% acidity vinegars in gallon jugs and lime and lemon juices in quart jars from US Foods in Kalispell

Twice as Tasty

Orange-Kissed Grilled Broccoli

For the simplest side, grill the broccoli and sprinkle it with some smoked sea salt and perhaps a squeeze of fresh lemon

48 Degrees North

Winold Reiss and the Blackfeet

Of the many pieces of art commissioned by the railroad, Winold Reiss’ portraits remain among the most famous

Twice as Tasty

Garden-Fresh Basil Pesto

I tend to go big when making pesto, blending up a larger batch than we’ll eat fresh and freezing the rest to use all year

Twice as Tasty

Mega-Mint Mojito

By infusing sugar and water with the herb, the flavor stays fresh, bright and strong


New Book Details Life Next Door to Unabomber

The April release of Jamie Gehring’s “Madman in the Woods” gives readers a look into the ways in which her life, and her family’s story are intertwined with Ted Kaczynski’s years of terror and murder

Twice as Tasty

Strawberry Shortcake

Infusing sugar and cream with lilacs is simple; it just takes fresh blossoms and time

Summer Preview

Summer on the Stage 2022

Musicals and musical performances will play out this summer in Bigfork and Whitefish

Twice as Tasty

Creamy Balsamic Salad Dressing

One of the beauties of dressings is that you can find a ratio you like and tweak it to fit whatever flavors suit your salad

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