Out of Bounds

Firearm Safety Before Acting

Soon computer-generated imagery will cure Hollywood’s firearm negligence. There’s no longer reason for firearms on set in inexperienced hands when realism can be created with pixels.

Out of Bounds

Wing Song

Long ago I used to describe the whirl of flushing quail as that of miniature helicopters

Out of Bounds

Stir Crazy

Winter has arrived and even as the days grow slightly longer with each sunset, the next two months will test my pup’s patience, as my own

Outlook Edition

New Year, New Singletrack

The Flathead Valley is positioned for another banner year of trail construction, expanding recreation access to the front country in communities throughout the region

Out of Bounds

Going Home Again

Here’s a tip for winter reading: have your employer schedule a remodeling project just as the reading season begins

Out of Bounds

Goals for 2023: Prioritize the New

While the dismal weather the week before Christmas took some of the shine off the holidays, hopefully it foretells a winter of deep snow slowly melting into fabulous trout streams this summer

Out of Bounds

Whitebark Decline Complicates Griz Recovery

Climate change, extreme fire and non-native blister rust have ravaged whitebark pine, which last week was listed as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act

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