Out of Bounds

Fall’s Fragile Harbinger

So far the alchemy of bobwhite recovery has eluded wildlife managers. It’s not so simple as it is with desert quail in the Southwest, where a wet winter or two can make wildlife managers look like geniuses.

Out of Bounds

Moment in the Spotlight

While debate rages as to how bright a life it was, we can all agree on its duration


Connecting the Flathead’s Trails

Flathead Area Mountain Bikers is partnering with several organizations and stakeholders to bring new trail networks to the valley while maintaining existing trails

Out of Bounds

Stocking Birds Solves Nothing

The FWP rationale is that these stocked pheasants will be easier for newbies, and that will mean better recruitment and retention in the ranks of hunters. That’s a load of hooey. The real rationale is that stocked birds are easy. Habitat and access protection are not.


Our Big Sky

Reflections on Montana's most precious resource

Out of Bounds

Frozen Bird Solution

Hunting is richly fulfilling, both for the nutritious, ecologically sustainable protein, as well as the soul-cleansing excuse it offers for wandering about in bird country

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