Out of Bounds

Leaving Dogs at Home

There have been some signs that my 12-year-old English setter is losing the drive that produced five or six seasons of near-flawless fieldwork


Hunting Season Hits Halfway Point

More hunters are reporting white-tailed deer success compared to last year as overall harvests begin to increase with onset of mating season

Out of Bounds

Bird Dogs: Choose Your Partner

I love all bird dogs but English setters are my hunting partner of choice. Setters are quirky and stylish, and no breed hunts with more grace.

Out of Bounds

Let the Work Begin

Soon, fortunately, as the candy frenzy ritual is set aside, my work of hunting will commence. There’s no better holiday season.

Out of Bounds

Safety in Secret Spots

If you’re looking for me I’ll be easy to spot. That’s the beauty of orange.

Out of Bounds

Competition Is Not All That

Sadly, it’s hard to get a pro angler to understand fishing ethics when making their next boat payment depends on them not understanding

Out of Bounds

Not A Doomsday Prepper

The scenes from Florida are apocalyptic. City blocks were destroyed in Fort Myers and much of the surrounding landscape was flooded, first by the storm surge, later by rivers swollen from rainfall as Ian tracked inland.

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