Out of Bounds

Ode to the Long Walker

Hunting with others isn’t horrible. It’s just that the conversation, the other dogs, and the necessity of negotiation breaks hunting’s fourth wall

Out of Bounds

Safety Doesn’t Come Cheap

Although the film industry has safety procedures in place, short cuts leave crew members vulnerable to potentially lethal errors


Mapping Glacier’s Wilderness

Researcher assembles Glacier’s first ‘wilderness character map’ that will track changes to the park’s 1 million-acre landscape

Out of Bounds

Restoring the Mammoth Steppe

Science fiction literature and films have long toyed with the fantasy of resurrecting extinct beasts. The novel “Jurassic Park” was published in 1990 and the film version premiered in 1993, launching the modern “reality-based” lost-species-resurrection genre. I suggest reality-based only in that for the first time that I can recall, there was plausibility to the fictional technique used to reanimate Tyrannosaurus rex.

Out of Bounds

The Name’s the Game

Most folks know American antelope aren’t antelope at all, but pronghorn, the last of a family of ungulates existing only in North America. Their closest relative is the giraffe, of all things. 

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