Are We a Country?

The uncontrolled massive invasion of illegal immigrants at our southern borders is crazy and chaotic. There is no good or potential benefits for the country. It is idiotic. In the history of our country, it has never been like it is now. The way illegal people are pouring into the country every day with nothing being done there; it is a joke and crazy. Are we a country?

By Robert Gansel

Keeping Kids in School, Safely

As kids go back to school, the light at the end of the tunnel is this: we have vaccines that are better than we had dared hope

By Montana Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

A Bit of a Slap in the Face

If the Canadians can no longer visit, we cannot be blamed for the increased traffic, slow service, littered hiking trails, and cloudy waters that were once pristine

By Patty Hinckley

Smart Growth

There are good plans for how we can strengthen our community with smart growth and proactive investment

By Kyle Waterman

Help Montana Parents Get Back to Work

The distinction between hard and soft infrastructure is silly – building roads and providing quality childcare will both stimulate the economy

By Caryl Cox

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