Uncommon Ground

Smells Like Rain

Between a pandemic that’s raging into its third year and perennially low wages, a working person is lucky to simply tread water in a turbulent sea of political nonsense

By Mike Jopek
Guest Column

Let’s Look at the Facts

Your local electric co-op encourages you to learn more about the lower Snake River dams, and welcomes the opportunity to continue this important discussion

By Mark Johnson and Local Chambers of Commerce
Parting Shots

Statesmen and Blowhards

In 2022, Americans are in another cycle of crisis, mentally whipsawed by a despicable new double-whammy of back-to-back atrocities

By Dave Skinner

Our Choice

We’re on the verge of losing our freedoms as the U.S. Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe’s provisions

By Whitney Williams
Uncommon Ground

One Lifetime Ago

People around Montana work hard trying to make life better for family and community. We get by with what we have, do what we must, and put family, faith and community at the center.

By Mike Jopek
Reality Check

Who Will Lead Us?

Knowing a candidate’s history of selfless work through community involvement and professionalism is a key predictor of how they will behave in office

By Tammi Fisher

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