Guest Column

Guest Column

Montana Taxpayers Deserve A Refund

House Bill 192 entails three initiates: refund taxpayers on overpaid income taxes, alleviate the property tax crunch and reduce the state’s debt

By Montana House Leadership
Guest Column

Taxpayers Say ‘No’ to IRS Expansion

The vast majority of Americans file their taxes on time and pay their fair share. There are real problems that need to be fixed in our tax system, but taxpayers are not the source of those problems.

By Cary Smith
Guest Column

Beware of Deregulation

It is baffling that big business is now viewed as more virtuous than our public institutions

By Ken Toole
Guest Column

Our Elder Care Economy is Broken

We urge Governor Gianforte, and members of the 2023 Montana Legislature, to please fix the rate reimbursement for nursing homes

By Mary Armstrong
Guest Column

We Need Legislation that Solves Problems

Montana’s 68th Legislature will need all the civility it can muster as it takes on one of the most interesting scenarios our state has faced – the surplus

By Courtenay Sprunger
Guest Column

Gianforte Needs to Honor His Promise

Montanans won’t rest until the state’s budget permanently and generously funds Habitat Montana, securing access to and protecting the value of our state’s treasured outdoor spaces

By Marne Hayes
Guest Column

What is Your Legislator Focused On?

It is time for us to get to work, just as it is time for you to hold us accountable. Keep demanding that this government of, by, and for the people does its job for you and for all of us

By Alice Buckley
Guest Column

Middle-Class Politeness

Harassing people in a public meeting is wrong, but it is just as wrong for the person in charge of that meeting to allow the harassment

By Jim Elliott
Guest Column

Our Voice Matters 

99 percent of 6,500 comments were opposed to the project because of its potential deleterious effects on the environment and huge footprint in a rural valley

By Save Holland Lake Members
Guest Column

Governor Short-Changes Public Access Promise

Gianforte’s budget proposal, released in mid-November, proposes to permanently cut voter-approved revenue that is used to protect wildlife and improve hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking

By Dan Vermillion

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