Guest Column

Guest Column

We Will Work Hard to Get Your Money Back

We propose that the overpayment of money you have earned and sent to Helena be refunded to you up to $3,500 for full-time resident households

By Republican Legislative Leadership
Guest Column

Flathead County Budget Facts

Our role is to keep a steady hand on the tiller, play the long game, not panic, and work with the elected officials and department heads to provide service delivery with the precious funds we have

By Flathead County Commissioners
Guest Column

The Head of the Ostrich

New temperature records are broken every day, and then broken again, not just in obscure corners of the world, but right here where we live

By Don Thomas
Guest Column

Free and Open Primary Elections

An open primary election would allow every voter to vote for any candidate in any party in the primary election

By Marc Racicot and Bob Brown
Guest Column

Why A Special Session is A Bad Idea

Legislators must now decide if a special session is the right format for making decisions on the largest surplus in our state’s history

By Frank Garner
Guest Column

Provide Tax Rebates with Budget Surplus

We are calling for a Special Session of the Legislature in September to give $900 million in rebates to taxpayers and pay off $100 million of the State’s existing debt

By Bill Mercer, Greg Hertz, Matt Regier & Dan Bartel
Guest Column

What the CHIPS Act Means for Montana 

We are proud to live in a state where both our U.S. senators put America’s future ahead of partisan politics and voted in favor of the CHIPS Act

By Lorraine Clarno
Guest Column

Putting Montana’s Money to Work

The money to pay for these critical cost-cutting policies is sitting in a bank account in Helena. You’ve already put it there. Now, it’s about time you got some of it back. 

By Democratic Legislative Leadership
Guest Column

Here for the Stories

Unlike my cluttered nightstand and piles of books that I tend to like seeds, my grandmother is a carnivore. Her teeth have sharpened with time.

By Maggie Doherty

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