Guest Column

Guest Column

Legislature Invested in Montana’s Future

The conservative budgeting from the Legislature and resulting historic budget surplus allowed Republicans to do both tax relief and long-term planning

By Steve Fitzpatrick
Guest Column

The E-Bike Revolution

E-bikes are motorized vehicles and should be driven on roads with other motorized vehicles, not on non-motorized trails

By Bill Schneider
Guest Column

The Goose Hisses

Because of the biennial reappraisal of residential property most Montanans are faced with huge increases in the values of their homes

By Jim Elliott
Guest Column

Not the Time to Delist Grizzlies

Contact your federal representatives and urge them not to pass legislation circumventing ESA requirements

By Christopher Servheen
Guest Column

Montana Property Taxes Explained

Even though your property appreciated greatly, it doesn’t mean your taxes will go up by the same amount

By Brendan Beatty
Guest Column

We Need a Permanent Property Tax Fix Now

The governor can call the Legislature into a special session for one day to pass one bill that amends one statute by changing one formula

By Ann Brodsky

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