Guest Column

Guest Column

Montana Property Taxes Explained

Even though your property appreciated greatly, it doesn’t mean your taxes will go up by the same amount

By Brendan Beatty
Guest Column

We Need a Permanent Property Tax Fix Now

The governor can call the Legislature into a special session for one day to pass one bill that amends one statute by changing one formula

By Ann Brodsky
Guest Column

Weaponization of Words

The attempt by the chairman of the Montana Republican Party to weaponize the word “woke” is regrettable

By Jerry Elwood
Guest Column

Pay More … What For?

Republicans blew off the Revenue Department’s warning and did nothing to mitigate the oncoming rising property taxes

By Brian Schweitzer
Guest Column

Montanans are Getting Their Money Back

When you see your money being returned to your bank account or your mailbox, know that Republicans are happy to have overcome Democrats’ opposition to provide this financial relief

By Becky Beard

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