Elect Monica Tranel to Congress

Monica knows Montana and shares our values

By Betty Kuffel

Jeanette Rankin was the first woman member of the U.S. Congress and left her mark on Montana. More than 100 years have passed since Montana elected a woman to Congress. 2024 is our year to change that. 

Monica Tranel is a star Congressional candidate running for office against incumbent Ryan Zinke. While he panders for out-of-state money from big corporate interests, Monica is in Montana crisscrossing the state listening to our concerns. 

Growing up on a ranch in eastern Montana she developed a strong work ethic. Her achievements in law, as a world-class rower, and an Olympic gold winner show she is a fighter for what she believes in. In her legal career defending Montanans all the way to the Montana Supreme Court, she saved residents millions of dollars.

Monica knows Montana and shares our values. Her travels across the state have brought her close to ranchers, families, healthcare workers, Native women, small business owners and school kids. She also serves the people of Montana in her statewide law practice and is raising three daughters with her husband.

The people of Montana should also know that Monica Tranel defends reproductive rights and Rep. Ryan Zinke does not.

Zinke has consistently voted against women’s rights, against abortion, against access to the safe abortion drug mifepristone and co-sponsored a bill to prohibit healthcare plans sold through the Affordable Care Act from covering abortions. He also voted for legislation to punish doctors providing abortion care.

Monica Tranel lives in Montana and knows our values. She knows us. She will defend us, our state, our land, and our reproductive rights.

Vote for change. Vote for Monica Tranel for Congress. 

Betty Kuffel