Getting Down and Dirty

By Beacon Staff

With the skateboard park, there’s more happening at Amory Park than team sports these days. And there’s soon to be even more. In the next several weeks, the Flathead Fat Tires should begin construction on their bicycle dirt jump park.

“People are aware of kids needing more outlets,” said Tyler Tourville, founder of Flathead Fat Tires that operates as a member of the International Mountain Biking Association. “A lot of us aren’t very traditional with team sports, and a biking dirt jump park is a good outlet.” The organization planned to launch the dirt jump park last year, but a few obstacles precluded its start—including the nonprofit status of the club.

After a year to regroup and apply for nonprofit status, Flathead Fat Tires is gearing up for the project with a redesign of the original plans. Located on Second Street adjacent to the airstrip, the park is now narrower and longer. A run-in ramp will lead to three different lines for riding–rolling through corners and berms or flying over tabletops and jumps.

Most of the bicycle dirt park will be built with volunteer labor along with donated dirt, rock, and a watering system. Mountain bike racer Pete Costain, whose company Dirty Pete will be hauling in the dirt and rock, designed the park. Jake Christiansen’s May Lawn and Homecare will be overseeing construction–installing the sprinkler system donated by Rainbird Corporation to mitigate dust. They hope to have the park completed by July.

“People ask about it daily,” says Tourville. “The excitement is definitely growing. Not just from teenagers, but parents, too.”