The Week in Letters

By Beacon Staff

Good start, but …
Enjoyed the article on breweries in the Flathead Valley (page 15, vol. 1, issue 1). However, you failed to fully identify John Campbell, co-owner and founder of the Lang Creek Brewery near Marion. He was quoted in the middle of the article and subsequently, but only as “Campbell.”

I’m sure some introductory text was deleted for space reasons and that you did not intentionally mean to slight him. His brewery still brews some of the best beer my husband and I have ever had and we’d put his product up against anyone’s (especially the original TriMotor Amber). Love that Lang!

Keep up the good research and reporting. We will be anxiously waiting for your next edition.
Linda and Bob Granzow,

Appreciating the unappreciated
Great rag.

Also, appreciate the words about the DMV (on flatheadbeacon.com) and the conversation about the latest Stephen King book. We have so many unappreciative visitors; it’s great to get a nice review.

Good to be appreciated and remembered.
Kate at the Flathead DMV

Thanks, but no thanks
In the premier edition, you say you have “no agenda beyond good story-telling.”

I have never known any journalist to have “no agenda.” Maury and Connie, thanks, but no thanks!
Pat Murphy

Shout out from a newsie
As a former Montana newsie (too briefly and too temporarily, I fear), the news about the Beacon’s arrival in the Flathead is great news for all.

I hope it’s a rousing success for all involved.

Your Internet site is very engaging. So, you’re all off and running.

I was editor of the Missoulian for three years in the middle ‘90s and loved my times up on Flathead.
David Rutter
Lake County, Ill.

Readers know best
Thanks very much for the opening issue of your new paper. I’ll also say to all of you “good luck” with this new addition to our news and events here in Northwestern Montana. A suggestion: please give all readers and letter-writers plenty of room for their opinions to the editor about all the issues that they think pertinent. Most of us really like reading of what’s on the minds of our neighbors.
Will Elliott

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