C-Falls Boys & Girls Club Looking for New Digs

By Beacon Staff

Legislation sometimes affects those who least expect it. This time – the Boys and Girls Club in Columbia Falls.

When full-day kindergarten was passed by the Montana Legislature, School District 6 (SD6) suddenly found itself with a need for more classroom space. The obvious place is the old junior high school, which has been leasing space to the Boys and Girls Club for some time.

Club Executive Director Alan Sempf indicated that the space they seek will be temporary, as the organization intends to build a new facility for the long haul. SD6 “has been great”, says Sempf, who indicated that the Club can continue to use the gym for the time being.

The challenge will be finding a 4,000-10,000 square foot facility in Columbia Falls, preferably close to Glacier Gateway. The Club requires a large amount of space, as it serves between 70 and 100 kids during peak periods. Having the ability to use outdoor areas would be a nice bonus, Sempf noted.

The board of the Boys and Girls Club will be forming an exploratory committee to find a new, temporary home for the Boys and Girls Club of Columbia Falls. In the meantime, anyone with ideas about a possible temporary home for the Club can contact Boys and Girls Club Executive Director Alan Sempf at 406-752-5440.