Murder In The Mountains Tour Brings Honky Tonk to Montana

By Beacon Staff

I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoy country music. But, my idea of country music and today’s standard of what country music is are probably two different things. I like Carl Perkins, Hank Williams Sr., Waylon Jennings … you know, “real” country music. I’m not a big fan of what country music has turned into over the last couple decades. Recently I discovered Hank Williams III and fell in love on the spot. I like a country song that tells a good story about drinking, pickup trucks, shotguns, cheating girlfriends … you know, “real” life.

So, fans like me of “real” country music are in for a treat because the Murder In The Mountains Music Tour is coming through Montana and it is full of “real” country bands.

When I read the names of the bands that were playing on this tour I imagined them coming from places like Austin, Texas, Nashville, Tennessee and somewhere in Georgia. Whoa was I wrong. J.B. Beverly and the Wayword Drifters are from Baltimore, Maryland. Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies are from Seattle, Washington. The .357 String Band is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After reading that, I thought: “What could these guys know about country? Don’t you have to be from the South to know anything about country?” After I took a listen to the bands I had to spend five minutes taking my foot out of my mouth. Country music isn’t about where you are from. It’s more of a state of mind. It’s working man’s music. It’s non-working man’s music. Hell, it’s everyone’s music.

Fans of old country honky tonk music will absolutely love all three of these bands. If you like banjos, guitar solos and stand up bass players you are in the right place. The great thing about this tour is that it’s just in Montana. After these five shows all the bands go their separate ways. This once in a lifetime tour happens next week don’t miss it.

Murder In The Mountains Music Tour

Wednesday June 06th – The Murray Bar in Livingston
Thursday June 07th – The Filling Station in Bozeman
Friday June 08th – The Harp & Thistle in Anaconda
Saturday June 09th – The Elks Lodge in Missoula
Monday June 10th – Flanagan’s in Whitefish

Here are some links to the bands websites:

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