C-Falls Pool Leaking Again

By Beacon Staff

The Columbia Falls City Pool in Pinewood Park is leaking.


This seemingly annual event has kicked off the 2007 summer swim season with a leak of 77,000 gallons in the last 22 hours. Warm water out, cold water in – resulted in dragging the temperature down to a Whitefish Lake-esque 65 degrees as of earlier today.

This year, the timing is a bit unfortunate, as Columbia Falls hosts an invitational swim meet this weekend. There is no word yet on whether the meet will have to be canceled, however water temps were starting to climb slowly on Tuesday afternoon after a clever emergency fix by the pool manager.

UPDATE: As of early Wednesday morning (06/13/2007), the emergency fix appears to be working, as the chemical balance in the pool is normal and the temperature has risen from 65 to a still-chilly 70 degrees overnight. Kudos to pool manager Jeff for his emergency repairs.

(Yet another) UPDATE As of early Friday morning (6/15/2007), a part has been replaced and the pool is up to 78 degrees.