Funding a Storm Water System in Bigfork

By Beacon Staff

When the rains of June hit the streets of Bigfork the water funnels into a pipe under the street, and runs into the bay. If the lake was lower, you could see the big pipe down by the public dock on Bigfork bay’s northeast corner.

The current system doesn’t violate any Department of Environmental Quality regulations, but Flathead County Commissioner Joe Brenneman says many are looking forward to find a better way.

A grant writer for Flathead County has been researching ways to pay for a storm drain project. Brenneman will present the county’s findings Thursday at the Bigfork Steering Committee meeting.

“There’s no clear guarantee that we’ll get any money,” Brenneman says, “but we’re looking.”

During the BSC Community Forum meeting, residents can hear what they’ve found, and ask questions.

The meeting starts at noon on Thursday, June 14, at the Bethany Lutheran Church.