These Boots…

By Beacon Staff

Sarah’s excited to be out for a run; she’ll be three soon, it’s sunny, the gravel crunches, a yellow-winged butterfly races by, and she skirts between and behind a team of strollers.

“The joys of going on a walk with a toddler and a little one,” her mom Aimee Uzzi says as she tries to talk Sarah back into the seat next to her 4-month-old sister.

It was after another walk with mom-friends that Laurie Mason first got the idea for “Strollertalk”.

“I thought; ‘if people could hear us’,” Mason says with a laugh, “and it made me wonder what people all over the country talked about.” That night she and her husband Chuck got the idea for “Mama Lolo’s Strollertalk”.

A year later the website is up, and people can share those conversations.

“We’ve got 35 different subjects: a recipe page, family, education, books, media, current events…anything; business, career, there’s just all sorts of different pages.”

On this particular Wednesday, the conversations ranged from family, to bears, to work, depending on the breath. A little grown-up time, and girl time, thrown into the day.

“There’s another group that gets together to exercise,” Mason says, “We exercise our mouths more.”

Mason plans to keep up the Wednesday walks through the summer and fall, until MOPS, (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers,) meets up again in October. Right now they meet Wednesdays at 10 AM on the Bigfork end of the Swan River Nature Trail. On the web, it’s www.strollertalk.com.

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