Swan River Nature Trail

By Beacon Staff

For an easy walk, jog or ride, visit the Swan River Nature Trail in Bigfork. The gated 2-mile gravel road is well maintained and easy to traverse. One mile of the trail winds its way along the Swan River’s “Wild Mile,” overlooking stunning scenery and a place to view kayakers. The trail continues for another mile past the Bigfork Dam to the Kearney Rapids Bridge at Swan River Road.

“It’s breathtakingly peaceful without the work of a grunting hike,” said Lisa Menna, a magician at corporate functions, of her first walk along the trial. The ease of the walk makes it a perfect place for all ages and abilities to enjoy the outdoors.

The trail was first built in 1914 as the main route between Swan Valley and Bigfork. Over the years it has evolved into an unmaintained country road. The road became treacherous and in 1995 was transformed into the non-motorized nature trail.

The trail is also open to horseback riders, bikers and cross-country skiers.

How to get there:
From U.S. Highway 35, turn west on Grand Drive – as if you were heading into downtown Bigfork. Continue on Grand Drive past Electric Avenue. The trailhead is at the top of the hill where Grand Avenue ends.