C-Falls slips past rival Bitterroot to claim 3rd place at State

By Beacon Staff

After a long, hot summer of invitational meets, the C-Falls Swim Team looked forward to finishing the year with a bang at the 2007 Montana Federation of Swimmers’ State swim meet in Lewistown this past weekend.

At State, the meet is scored differently to level the playing field between teams of different sizes. Relays are scored as if they are a separate meet, with individual events scored together by team to name a state champion team. The team results shown in the “Read More” area do not reflect this split scoring, nor the classes that each team are placed in (AA, A, B, C, D).

Malta dethroned 6 time champion Sidney in class AA, with C-Falls finishing third in class AA by a mere 5.5 points ahead of Western rival Bitterroot.

In Class AA, the results were:

1) Malta 654.50
2) Sidney 630.50
3) Columbia Falls 441.50
4) Bitterroot 436
5) Shelby 313.50

Standouts at this year’s meet were Nate Donner, winner of the 400 freestyle, this year’s intermediate boys relay team (Michael Baiar, Scott Boyd, Nate Labuda and Jon Riffey) who claimed the medley relay championship for the 2nd year in a row, while setting a new state record by 4 seconds; and this year’s intermediate (13-14 yr olds) girls relay team. The intermediate girls relay team (Lexie Bartkoski, Elena Potter, Tianna Burns, Bria Ward) won the state title in the freestyle relay. The intermediate girls swimming the medley relay (Ward, Burns, Potter and Hanna Ronish) took second.

The intermediate boys freestyle relay team of Baiar, Boyd, Labuda and Riffey were unable to repeat last year’s win by the intermediate relayers, settling for second place as the winners from Chinook set a new state record.

This year’s Columbia Falls senior swimmers competing in their final State meet were Caiti Woods, Kyle Boyd, Michelle Cronquist, Nate Donner, and Alex Riffey. Team members can swim until the summer after they graduate from high school.

Coaches and senior swimmers: Assistant Coach Zak Ward, Caiti Woods, Dana Labuda, Alex Riffey, Nate Donner, Kyle Boyd, Weston Bartkoski, Michelle Cronquist, Head Coach Price Richardson

Complete results are available by visiting cfswim.org.

Coaches Zak Ward and Price Richardson pose with the state 3rd place AA trophy.

Lewistown State Meet 2007 – 8/4/2007 to 8/5/2007

Combined Team Scores
1, Malta Swim Team, 800.5.
2, Sidney Tiger Sharks, 728.5.
3, Lewistown Sea Lions, 673.
4, Bitterroot Swim Team, 536.
5, Columbia Falls Swim Team, 519.5.
6, Chinook Lions, 443.
7, Shelby Water Otters, 365.5.
8, Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team, 313.5.
9, Harlem Swim Team, 313.
10, Fort Benton Gators, 253.
11, Plentywood Dolphins, 195.
12, Cut Bank Sharks, 185.
13, Glendive Wet Devils, 160.
14, Conrad Swim Team, 154.5.
15, Scobey Swim Team-2006, 153.
16, Roundup Panthers, 134.
17, Chester Swim Team, 118.
18, Choteau Swim Team, 75.
19, Plains Swim Team, 65.
20, Sunburst Swim Team, 19.
21, Harlowton Swim Team, 9.

Women – Team Rankings
1, Sidney Tiger Sharks, 385.5.
2, Malta Swim Team, 350.5.
3, Lewistown Sea Lions, 297.
4, Columbia Falls Swim Team, 276.5.
5, Bitterroot Swim Team, 259.
6, Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team, 257.5.
7, Shelby Water Otters, 225.5.
8, Harlem Swim Team, 181.
9, Conrad Swim Team, 148.5.
10, Cut Bank Sharks, 96.
11, Glendive Wet Devils, 93.
12, Roundup Panthers, 90.
13, Fort Benton Gators, 84.
14, Choteau Swim Team, 75.
15, Chinook Lions, 74.
16, Plentywood Dolphins, 63.
17, Plains Swim Team, 52.
18, Scobey Swim Team-2006, 47.
19, Chester Swim Team, 46.
20, Sunburst Swim Team, 12.

Men – Team Rankings
1, Malta Swim Team, 450.
2, Lewistown Sea Lions, 376.
3, Chinook Lions, 369.
4, Sidney Tiger Sharks, 343.
5, Bitterroot Swim Team, 277.
6, Columbia Falls Swim Team, 243.
7, Fort Benton Gators, 169.
8, Shelby Water Otters, 140.
9, Harlem Swim Team, 132.
9, Plentywood Dolphins, 132.
11, Scobey Swim Team-2006, 106.
12, Cut Bank Sharks, 89.
13, Chester Swim Team, 72.
14, Glendive Wet Devils, 67.
15, Glasgow Kiwanis Swim Team, 56.
16, Roundup Panthers, 44.
17, Plains Swim Team, 13.
18, Harlowton Swim Team, 9.
19, Sunburst Swim Team, 7.
20, Conrad Swim Team, 6.

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