Farmers Markets

By Beacon Staff

Cooler nights and early mornings, back to school sales getting cleaned out; summer in Bigfork is leaning into fall. One sign of the season, the Bigfork Farmer’s Market, has a couple weeks left.

“They’re all hand cut,” vendor Susan Hutz says to a customer at Wednesday’s Market, “every one’s a little different, they’re all individual.” Hutz came out sell her plasma cut metal figures for the first time last Wednesday.

“I’m gonna’ do the one tomorrow,” Hutz said, “because this was my first one, and I opened a store!” Her first customer bought the whole line for her Interior Design store in downtown Bigfork.

Goods range from Hutz’s metal work to homemade jams, pottery, soaps, and of course, fruit and veggies.

“All this is my own fruit,” one vendor says, “I’m not saying it’s organic, I’m just saying we don’t spray ‘cause that’s the only way I know how to garden!”

This year saw two markets: the usual, Wednesdays in the school bus parking lot of Bigfork Schools, on the way into downtown, and a second, Thursdays out on MT Highway 35 in the V8 parking lot next to Sliters. Thursdays markets will continue until the second week of October. Wednesdays are on hold once school starts up again, while the organizers look for a temporary location. Both markets run from 9:00 untill 1:00.