What’s in a Name?

By Beacon Staff

Eleven teachers at Whitefish Christian Academy opened their doors last week for the new school year. But instead of launching the year under its old moniker—Cross Currents Christian School—the 25-year-old institution leapt into the academic year with a new name.

“Our name has been under discussion for three or four years now,” said Kent Morrison, the school’s interim administrator. “It was just time to pull the trigger on it.” The private school, located on Ashar Avenue, revamped their educational curriculum three years ago, and the new name fits not only the curriculum, but the location and values orientation of the school, Morrison explained.

The academy educates 120 preschool through eighth graders with hopes to add high school classes and facilities in several years. The curriculum is unique with its classical emphasis following Greek and Roman educational models of critical thinking. First graders learn how to diagram simple sentences for grammar while Latin language instruction starts in third grade. Junior high ages receive instruction in logic, formal and informal argumentation, and reasoning. Morrison noted, “The new name better reflects what we do.”

While Whitefish Christian Academy looks forward with its new name, Morrison explained, “We’re a values based education.” The school teaches from a Christian viewpoint, but is nondenominational in its approach.

Morrison pointed out that parents are very active in the education process at the school. Parents are invited to the Back to School Night on September 13, where they will meet the four new teachers who joined the staff this year.