Junior High Cats Smother Browning

By Beacon Staff

A few things that you need to know:

1) Nathan Carr (9) is an elusive guy.

In this series of shots, Carr encounters two defenders, manages to slip between them, gets a block from Chance Morine (84), and runs for daylight before being dragged down 10 yards later.

2) Daniel Jones (40) cannot be tackled by grabbing him by the arm.

On the other hand, I’m not sure he’s easy to tackle when hit low. Or middle. Time and time again, I watched a defender grab Jones’ arm, jersey, shoulder or something up high, only to be tossed aside or dragged down the field.

In this series, the Browning defense appears to have the angle on Jones as they cross the line of scrimmage, only to watch him escape yet another high tackle to gain big yards.

3) Not all of the calls were as bad as they looked.

One blocking in the back call that looked bad was revealed as a good call in photos. Unfortunately, the penalty nullified a nice sideline run by Carr late in the 3rd quarter.

On the other hand, a 50 yard Jones punt (below) that was picked up by a Browning player at the one was ruled in the end zone, turning an apparent safety into a Browning 1st down on the 20.

4) The Cats’ backfield was a lonely place when Cat quarterback Dyllan Shaver (10) dropped back to pass, thanks to good protection by his offensive line, as well as backs Jones (40) and Carr (9).

…meanwhile, the Browning backfield looked a bit like Costco on the day after Thanksgiving. In the first shot, the Browning QB is mushed between Austin Barth (8) and other Columbia Falls rushers.

On the next play, Barth hands out more punishment as the ball is thrown, causing an interception.

5) A swarming Cat defense is not just something you see at the High School, as Dennis Mickelson (54), R.J. Weber (55), Jacobi (43), Barth (8), Jones (40) and friends show below.