Faces: Chary Miller

By Beacon Staff

Chary Miller has had two goals since elementary school: go to state as a junior, win state as a senior. She’s half way there.

Last year, her first with Bigfork High School’s varsity basketball team, the Valkyries found themselves one point behind Livingston at state in Belgrade.

“I remember that last game. We had the ball with 20 seconds left. Hattie (Bowen) had the ball on a breakaway and she passed it down to Alyssa (Fierro).”

The pass was off the mark and at the sound of the buzzer the scoreboard read 54-53, a Livingston win.

“And what’s really cool about that is that none of our teammates blame each other,” said Miller. It’s the kind of team relationship that takes years to develop.

“They’re like my best friends,” said Miller. “And Avery (Vogel) is like my sister. We know when the game is over to leave that on the court.”

Miller has had a full plate during her time at Bigfork High. Besides basketball and soccer, Miller maintained a 4.0 grade point average through last year’s cross country and basketball seasons. This year she was nominated homecoming queen.

“I would get up, go to school, run cross country, head home for a short nap, go to soccer practice, go home to eat, sleep, and then do it again,” she said.

With encouragement from her track coach, Miller decided this year to leave cross-country and focus on soccer and basketball.

“I didn’t want to quit but I knew I was getting run down,” she said.