Places: Bowman Lake

By Beacon Staff

Camping with the Scout troop is a little bit of a challenge in October and November.

Two things get us – low attendance on weekend camps, as families are out hunting, and hunting season itself. We have to be careful to camp where we don’t have to worry about being seen and misidentified, or simply being unlucky.

The interest in a worry-free, safe weekend of camping usually directs us to Glacier. This weekend, Troop 41’s Scouts enjoyed hiking, fishing and just being male up at Bowman Lake.

How to get there: Take the North Fork Road north out of Columbia Falls (right off of Nucleus Ave). About 35 miles later, you’ll find a turn off to Polebridge. Turn right and as you enter downtown Polebridge, bear left and follow your nose. A mile or so later, you’ll reach a bridge over the Flathead River, the Polebridge Entrance Station to Glacier National Park. Drive past the entrance, less than a mile later, you’ll find a right turn with a sign pointing to Bowman Lake. Six winding miles later, you’ll see something resembling the view above. While you’re up there, you may as well visit Kintla Lake. It’s 15 miles past the Polebridge Entrance Station.

Note: The Polebridge Entrance Station is not open all year long, so access beyond that point can require hiking, biking, snowshoeing or skiing.