News Buffet: Bowman Death Report, Schweitzer in Canada, A Too Scary Scarecrow

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy…um, happy…something’s going on tonight, I forget…

It’s a brisk, sunny morning in the Flathead, the new Beacons are on the stands and the news is hopping. Keriann Lynch analyzes the report by Bigfork High school on the death of football player Jeffrey Bowman – nearly every other school in the valley was practicing on that smoky, hot evening. The Kalispell Fire Department is grappling with low morale and internal conflict, according to several firefighters. Whitefish contributor Becky Lomax reports on the – literal – ground-breaking of the new mountain biking and dirt jumping course there. And Myers Reece blogs and brags about the repulsive food he has consumed.

Topping state news, two Butte teenage victims of a weekend hit-and-run, in which a third girl died, are showing improvement. Chuck Johnson of Lee reports that the state Labor Department is accusing the AFL-CIO of misspending over $35,000 in job training funds, and demanding a return of the money. Gov. Brian Schweitzer is in Alberta, encouraging energy companies there unhappy with increased Canadian royalties to “Come on Down!” to Montana and set up shop. Two MSU film students have been awarded Fulbright scholarships, and will travel, respectively to Iceland and the Republic of Congo to produce documentaries. A California man was badly mauled by a bear north of Gardiner. And Sir Elton John is returning to Missoula! Though, smartly, the Rocket Man is waiting until spring.

And finally, after writing the Buffet, it has once again dawned on me that it is Halloween – so I wish all readers a safe, cavity-free and Happy Hallloween. I hope I get some trick-or-treaters tonight (I’ve got Reese’s peanut butter cups, Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids). Have fun, but not TOO much fun with the holiday – like this guy in New Hampshire. Enjoy the day and night.