Time to Break a World Record

By Beacon Staff

A top story on various Web sites today, including ABC News and Fox News, is about a Texas man who broke his own world record by sitting in a bathtub full of 87 rattlesnakes for 45 minutes. I imagine this is a source of tremendous pride for both him and his family. The second paragraph of the story emphasizes that he was fully clothed, apparently a key stipulation for rattlesnake bathing. Jackie Bibby, the record-breaker, revealed that he has “set several records in that bathtub.” I’m sure he has.

There are two days – or actually one day and 12 hours at last count – until Guinness World Records Day. Guinness’s Web site encourages us to hurry up and break a world record before the third annual festival begins. To commemorate the special day, people from around the world with nothing better to do are trying to get their name in record books before midnight on Nov. 8.

The Web site lists a number of examples of records that could be broken before the big festival, which I envision to resemble a flu-induced nightmare. Among the records are the unveiling of the most expensive frozen beverage, the longest Riverdance line in Ireland, the largest woolly hat in Great Britain and of course the vaunted milestone of most apples cut in the air in one minute with a samurai sword, strangely, an American effort. I’m also curious about South Africa’s attempt at the longest bra chain and somebody’s effort in Great Britain to break the record for the fastest time in the 10-meter double decker bus pull – with the ears.

I actually have no clue how I stumbled upon Guinness World Records Day, but because I don’t want to be alone in my confusion, I decided to share the twisted holiday with others. So get out there and break a record. The clock is ticking.