Nest Counts in: Bull Trout Numbers Up in the Swan

By Beacon Staff

Bull trout nests are up in the Swan, and about average for Flathead Lake and Hungry Horse Reservoir.

Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks started the redd count in Swan Lake in 1981. Over the past 25 years, they found an average of 395 redds in the area. This year the tally surpassed the average, coming in at 521. FWP says that’s the highest in 8-years. The lowest count was 109 in 1985, and the highest was 612 in 1998.

FWP surveyed tributaries for Swan Lake, Flathead Lake, and Hungry Horse Reservoire from September 24th through October 25th. Flathead’s population dropped slightly from last year to 203 redds. Hungry Horse say the second highest count on record, 161, down from a record 174 in 2006.