News Buffet: Trout Numbers Up, More Griz Players Arrested, Irish-American Slang

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and a big thank you to our veterans.

For a wrap up of the weekend’s winners and losers, check out the Sports Buffet to catch up on regional contests. In Browning on Friday, Michael “Max” Miller was found guilty of the 2006 murder of his brother-in-law, leaving the body at the bottom of an overlook. Bull trout numbers are up in the Swan, and a resurgence of real, Vienna beef Chicago hot dogs is underway in Whitefish. In Creston, a fourth person was arrested in connection with an October disturbance there that resulted in the arrest of two fugitives from Oregon. Our new guest contributor and journalism student at Whitefish High, Julia Williamson, reports on the results of the Polson Speech, Debate and Drama meet this weekend. In our guest column, Bob Lopp underscores the necessity of stream setback regulation.

Boy, do I get a feeling of deja vu every time I type up a link to yet another story about Montana college football players getting arrested. Unbelievably, three Griz players spent last night in jail, charged with felony kidnapping, assault with a weapon and robbery charges after the team returned from Pocatello. Also in Missoula over the weekend, more beatings based on sexual orientation. The Missoulian’s Michael Jamison has a great story about how the falling value of the U.S. dollar is deflating pot-smuggling operations between Montana and British Columbia. A team of Montana scientists has made major breakthroughs in learning how to fight a deadly staph infection. For the second year in a row, Montana had the largest annual oil production increase of any state – due primarily to Richland County oil production. And in Great Falls, firefighters worked late into the night to put out a massive blaze downtown.

It’s cold, gray and frosty this morning in the Flathead; perhaps winter has begun to arrive. The NY Times had a cool story last week worth checking out, about a writer who has determined that most slang American terms can be traced to the Irish language – everything from dude to geezer to buddy. Stay strong on a Monday.