News Buffet: Schweitzer Courts GOP, Trendy Hutterites, Man Eats 10-Pound Bird

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and happy Thanksgiving. I’m hitting the road in a few minutes, en route to Spokane, Wash., for turkey at ma’s house. But first a quick helping of the news buffet. On the Beacon today we look at the increasing number of people who swear by Hutterite turkeys. The Montana Department of Conservation and Resources director says pilot safety is not an issue on fire lines, despite what a former employee says. Plus, read about the un-abducted lady in our police blotter.

In state news, in what is described as a “highly unusual move,” Gov. Brian Schweitzer is soliciting money from people who donated to the GOP in 2004. He has already raised $775,000 for his re-election campaign, but apparently wants more. In Great Falls, and elsewhere, thousands of Montanans are making a game plan for Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year. I’ll be out, wearing football pads, battling for bargains with my mother. And the government is struggling to secure private land in national parks, including a 130-acre tract in Glacier that was homesteaded before the area was protected.

And finally, a competitive eater known as “Eater X” gobbled up a 10-pound turkey, four pounds of mashed potatoes, three pounds of cranberry sauce and 2 ½ pounds of beans to “draw attention to New York’s hungry.” You would think he could have just shared part of the meal. I’m off. Again, have a happy Thanksgiving.