Woman Pleads Not Guilty to Harboring Fugitives

By Beacon Staff

KALISPELL (AP) – A woman accused of allowing two men to live on her property knowing they were fugitives has pleaded not guilty in District Court.

Cacheral Ghetti, 46, formerly identified as Cacheral Delorean, is charged with obstructing justice. Her trial is scheduled for February.

The two men — Daniel J. Schwindt, 40, and Brian D. Rendon, 36 — were arrested last month after Rendon’s girlfriend, Amy Carrothers, called 911 to say she’d been assaulted and the men were tearing up the house. Court records says the men shot at responding Flathead County deputies before fleeing. They were arrested several hours later.

Schwindt is charged with criminal endangerment, assault on a peace officer and assault with a weapon, all felonies. Rendon is charged with felony criminal endangerment and misdemeanor partner assault.

Rendon was on lifetime probation in Oregon after serving time in prison for a 1998 homicide conviction. Schwindt is wanted in Oregon for allegedly violating his parole on a car theft conviction.

Carrothers, 35, is accused of letting Rendon live with her knowing he was wanted for parole violations. She is charged with obstructing justice.

Authorities say Carrothers failed to appear for her arraignment, and a bench warrant has been issued for her arrest.

Police say the disturbance took place on Ghetti’s property in a trailer where Carrothers reportedly was living. Ghetti lives in a separate house about 100 yards away and had no involvement in the incident, detectives said.

It is not yet clear whether Schwindt lived with Rendon and Carrothers in the trailer or with Ghetti in the house, investigators said.