Faces: Michael Gallagher

By Beacon Staff

When Michael Gallagher looks back at his career as a Flathead Brave, three football games in particular will come to mind.

In 2006, Gallagher and his team faced off against Butte twice on the road. In each meeting under the lights the Braves walked away the victor.

“It’s always big to beat (Butte) at their home,” Gallagher said.

Then there is the last game of this season.

“It was probably the best game we played this year,” he said.

Billings Senior caused a Flathead fumble inches short of a touchdown, winning 27-20.

“When I saw the ball pop out, it was like a mad scrum,” said Gallagher. “I’m going to hate that forever. We were so close to tying it up.”

But it’s over, said Gallagher. And now it’s about basketball. When Gallagher talks about either sport, it is never about himself, it’s about his teammates.

“I’ve been playing with these guys since seventh grade,” he said, which has led to a strong bond on and off the court. “I know my teammates. I am playing for them and playing for the town.”

Gallagher is looking to his team to accomplish its two goals: Finish in the top two in conference and win all home games.

“As seniors this is our last shot,” said Gallagher. “We need to give it everything and can’t just play for ourselves.”