News Buffet: MT Investment Fears, Elections For Sale, a Sasquatch Named Quatchi

By Beacon Staff

Good morning and an extra happy “Stay Home Because You’re Well Day.” I hope you faked an illness and got this cold, gloomy Friday off work. On the Beacon today contributor Becky Lomax writes about Christmas trees arriving at the Pin and Cue parking lot in Whitefish. Sen. Jon Tester is visiting Iraq and said, despite what appears to be progress, he still backs a withdrawal. Dave Skinner writes about the crooked way politicians are elected using donations from children. And I write about why UM coach Bobby Hauck still has a job.

In state news, veteran Lee Newspapers reporter Charles Johnson writes that local governments and school districts are pulling some of their money out of the state’s Short Term Investment Pool over fear they are exposed to risky subprime loans. Kalispell has pulled out some $7 million. Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks commissioners have agreed to allow sharpshooters in Helena to kill up to 50 urban deer. They have a history of attacking people there. In other animal news, check out this picture in the Missoulian of a herd of bighorn sheep blocking traffic on Montana Highway 200. The animals are apparently addicted to salt-based de-icer.

And finally, the Vancouver 2010 Olympic committee unveiled its official mascots, which include a Thunderbird, Sea Bear and – my favorite – a Sasquatch named Quatchi. All of them are an improvement over Atlanta’s Izzy. Have a great weekend!