Faces: Lindsea Vaudt

By Beacon Staff

An aptitude for basketball flows through Lindsea Vaudt’s family, from her grandfather, through her father and older sisters, all the way down to the 16-year-old varsity guard at Glacier High School.

“Every Sunday we would go to Trinity (Lutheran School) gym and play for a few hours,” said Vaudt. Since sixth grade, the weekly routine has usually included dad coaching Vaudt and two of her older sisters in the empty gymnasium.

Vaudt said she looks up to her dad and older sisters and has learned responsibility, along with skill. She hopes to use those lessons this basketball season for the Wolfpack.

“I hope I am a team leader,” said Vaudt. “I want to help with the younger classes, since the juniors have to take the responsibility to get us to that varsity level.”

To Vaudt, being a team leader means bringing a good attitude, sportsmanship, respect, patience and controlling her words, things she has learned not only from her family and coach, but also from being involved with the high school theater and Trinity youth group.

“I also look up to Meghan O’Connell,” said Vaudt. “Since I was a freshman.” This year, when she squares up against her former teammate from Flathead High School, “I hope it has some fun in it,” said Vaudt. “But I’ll play my best against her no matter what.”

The experience level is Glacier’s biggest challenge this year. But Vaudt believes that using some of the lessons she’s learned, “We’ll get there.”